Mardi is a women's ready-to-wear brand that is committed to greater respect and is aimed at women who share this commitment.

The name of the brand is loosely based on the first name of its creator, Marie, and evokes the sustainability to which the brand aspires.

Mardi offers a new way of looking at fashion. Exit seasons here come editions. Monthly editions, developed in small quantities and designed to last.

We believe that simplicity is the greatest elegance. We favor quality materials and timeless cuts and develop limited-edition capsules that are modern, feminine, and soberly colored.

Made in a family-run workshop in the Porto region, our pieces are made from natural or low environmental impact materials. We choose the vast majority of these materials from the dormant stocks of European fabric manufacturers. We love the idea of giving new life to these materials alongside you. Our proximity to our workshop allows us to closely monitor our supply and ensure that the working conditions in the workshop meet our (and your) expectations.

We do not pretend to be perfect. What we can do today, we do. We are aware that we have a long way to go before we are 100% eco-responsible.

We look forward to working with you on this challenge.



I've always been passionate about fashion, and I was about ten years old when I started designing dresses for my friends. After a classic business school path, I started as a salesperson for a young Belgian leather goods brand.

Three years went by during which I had the chance to live a variety of experiences. Gradually, I realized that I no longer found myself in the world in which I was evolving. The fashion industry has not only become the second biggest polluter but is also responsible for unthinkable working conditions. This fashion that has always fascinated me had lost its glory to the benefit of always more, always faster.

Convinced that another fashion is possible, I leave my great team and start a new adventure, this is where Mardi all began.

I decided to combine my love for soft, durable materials, bright colors, and small details that make a difference with my growing interest in ethical and eco-responsible practices.

Mardi is a brand that looks like me. A brand that cares about others and its environment. A brand that knows that every step counts, even the smallest. A modern, feminine brand that goes against the current of the classic model imposed by the fashion industry.

In short, a brand that I can identify with and that I hope you can identify with too.